Shark Fishing Near Ft. Myers & Cape Coral

Deep Sea Shark Fishing Charters in Cape Coral

“Oh don’t worry, The Crabby is bigger than The Orca.” – Capt. Craig

If you and your friends are looking for an unforgettable fishing experience, look no further than shark fishing with Capt. Craig Best of Crabby Charters. Shark fishing is not for the faint of heart as these apex predators thrash about violently.

We typically target blacktip, tiger and hammerhead shark. Climb aboard The Crabby and get ready to track down the fiercest hunters in the Gulf of Mexico.

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We hope clients will respect the years of work we spent locating the best fishing spots in the area. Please refrain from using GPS mapping during our trips, but feel free to take as many photos as you please! 

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